Want to Stay Fit? Join a Te Poi Gym

There is a big difference between working out on your own and working out under a personal trainer at your local Te Poi Gym. Te Poi personal trainers undergo an extensive course in fitness training and emerge with the right mix of professionalism and expertise. So if you have been working out on your own and feel you are not making any tangible progress may be it is time to think of joining gym Te Poi.


How to find the best gym in Te Poi

There are different ways you can try when looking for a trainer, on the internet, checking with Te Poi health clubs, asking around among friends. When you feel you have found a suitable candidate, the first thing to do is check his or her credentials. Check the background, degree of qualification, any specific areas of training, and years of experience.

Also ask around from those who have undergone training from the candidate, what their experience was. Once you are satisfied with the above information you can make personal contact with the gym Te Poi and check out the fee being charged for the training you require, building strength, losing weight etc?

Build a good relationship

It will take a few sessions for you to really get to know your Te Poi fitness trainer. Make sure you are able to understand the instructions given and the trainer understands your specific needs.

Your body language will indicate whether you need to be pushed harder, and when you are too tired to do another rep. Every person has a different learning style and has different requirements. Your Te Poi gym has to learn quickly what a particular client requires.

Does the client lean more to a tough approach, a gentle approach, an independent approach? If a good relationship is established right from the start, the Te Poi personal trainer will be able to help you reach your goals.

Achieving goals

As mentioned above the gym in Te Poi needs to know what your objectives are so that he or she can draw up a suitable plan. Areas such as flexibility, posture, strength and balance need to be checked out. Regular progress checks should be recorded to know how far you have progressed. If required, your cardio fitness, body weight and body fat percentage should also be measured.


Depending on your health condition when you start training, the Te Poi personal trainer might put you through some basic training which will help you to avoid any injury and build up your fitness base. By doing this your subsequent work-outs become more successful. The initial workout plan is always subject to change as you progress towards your desired goal.

There may be times when your Te Poi gym is not open and you will need to work out on your own. If such a situation is known in advance get the trainer to draw up a list of specific exercises for you to perform including the number of reps and sets. The exercises should contain movements for both lower and upper body balance and should focus on any weaknesses you may have.


Always remember that having a local Te Poi fitness expert to help you train can be an empowering experience. You will definitely benefit on different levels such as the right work-outs, help in overcoming physical and emotional roadblocks and reaching your specific goals.