Welcome to my website. I am a new believer in personal fitness, and I wanted to have a go at spreading the best bits of information – nutrition, training and personal instructors – from a personal perspective.

I wasn’t always keen on personal fitness, as I was always busy doing something else – going to work, spending time out with my friends, catching up on my DVD box sets… But after I had a medical for my new job, I wasn’t very happy with the results.

Knocking the cigarettes on the head and cutting down on alcohol were obvious choices for a lifestyle change, but how on earth was I going to make a difference to my very sedentary lifestyle?

I had no chance of walking or biking to work – it was a good 20 miles away from home. Likewise, once at work, other than the walk from the lift door to my workstation, where was the opportunity to keep fit?

I would have to get my work/life balance better sorted, and drew up a simple timetable, but the only time I could see to take up any kind of personal training was in the morning. And you know what? It worked.

It wasn’t easy to start, but within a couple of short weeks, I was looking forward to the following day’s exercise… I had really changed for the better.

Keep up + keep fit,